PP Assembly Tiles

X-Play Pro

  • Description

1. Surface Design: X-Play Pro has the most popular diamond surface design.

2. Supporting System: up to 889 reinforced supporting legs, feels very compact.

3. Eco-friendly: 100% virgin PP as raw materials, passed Reach, Rohs heavy metal tests.

4. Anti-UV: passed 500-hour anti-UV testing, no obvious color fading after 500 hour exposure to UV light.

5. Durable: long lasting outdoor/indoor application with 10 years of guarantee.

6. Cost-effective: one purchase cost, and zero maintenance cost, only needs a mop and water.

7. Portable: easy to install and dismantle, one person is enough.

8. Multi-functional: sports courts, roofs, backyards, kindergartens, garages, etc.

Technical Data:

   Model Name:

   X-Play Pro Series PP Interlocking Tile

   Tile Dimension:

  12’’ x 12’’ x 5/8’’   /   304.8mm x 304.8mm x 15.8mm

   Tile Weight:

       300g ( ±5%)

   Rolling Load ( EN1569 ):


   Ball Rebound ( EN12235 ):



  Basketball/ Futsal/ Tennis/ Volleyball / Badminton / Etc.

   Colors Available:

  Red/ Green / Yellow / Blue / Purple / Gray / Black,etc.

Raw Materials:

Installation Effect: