Vinyl Sports Floor

Gemstone Grain

  • Description


1. Gemstone grain surface pattern, a popular and economic choice for clients.

2. Excellent sports features: outstanding elasticity, anti-skid property, shock absorption.

3. Durable: long lasting indoor application with at least 8 years of guarantee.

4. Safe and Comfort: soft and comfortable, skid-proof, protect players from being injured.

5. Cost-effective: low purchase cost and zero maintenance fees, easy to clean.

6. Application: indoor badminton, volleyball, table tennis, multi-purpose, etc.

Technical Data:

   Model Name:

   Gemstone Series Vinyl Sports Floor

   Roll Width:


   Roll Length:


   Roll Thickness:

   4.5mm, 8.0mm(±0.2mm)

   Wear Layer:



   Indoor Badminton/ Volleyball / Multi-use / Etc.

   Stock Color:

   4.5mm: Grass Green, Red, Lake Blue, Dark Blue,

                        Orange, Gray 

           8.0mm: Lake Blue, Pink ( for volleyball court )